Young Voices 2024 Songs

Moana Mashup – How Far I’ll Go (start from the beginning and learn up to 2:11, the last words you sing are ‘will I cross that line’?)
Moana Mashup – We Know The Way (start from 0.46 and learn up to 1.45)
Matilda Medley – Naughty (start from the beginning and learn up to 1:27, the last words you sing are ‘that’s not right!’)
Matilda Medley – School song (start from 0:45 and learn up to 1:54, the last words you sing are ‘just you wait for phys.ed!’)
Matilda Medley – When I Grow Up (start from the beginning and learn up to 2:20, the last words you sing are ‘When I Grow Up’)
Matilda Medley – My House (start from 1:51 and learn up to 2:25, the last words you sing are ‘it is enough for me’)
Matilda Medley – Revolting Children (start from the beginning and learn up to 0:49, then skip to 2:13 and learn from there until the end of the song)
River Deep Mountain High (start from 0:45 and learn up to 1:08)
Pop Medley 2024 – Crazy What Love Can Do (start from the beginning and learn up to 0:54)
Pop Medley 2024 – Somebody (start from the beginning and learn up to 1:14)
Pop Medley 2024 – Shine (start from the beginning and learn up to 1:07, the last word you sing is ‘shine’)
Pop Medley 2024 – A Sky Full Of Stars (start from the beginning and learn up to 1:17)
Pop Medley 2024 – Hearts Upon Our Sleeve (start from 0:18 and learn up to 1:34)


Children at Rushall enjoyed their Eco-Drumming class with Bev Cullen from Oakwood School.

They experimented playing different rhythms, some of them linked to the coronation including “King Charles” “Long Live The King” and “God Save The King”.

It was great for them to learn about how they can use any objects, especially if they are recyclable, to make music and lots of sounds.

Drumming Club

Drumming club was restarted since before half term. We are looking forward to the children performing at the Arts Festival this Summer!

Young Voices 2023

Team Rushall Choir at Young Voices 2023

Forty six children from KS2 took part in the annual Young Voices concert at The Resorts World Arena, NEC in Birmingham on Wednesday 11th January 2023.

They had been rehearsing since October at lunch times in choir club and did Rushall proud with their performance!

Their enthusiasm and dedication towards singing and learning the songs was superb.

All of them had smiles on the faces from the beginning of the rehearsal in the day to the very end of the concert in the evening.

Some of the infamous songs they learned this year included ‘Proud’ by Heather Small and ‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge. Heather Small herself made an appearance at the concert this year and the children were all starstruck and thrilled to be singing with such a famous singer. Visit our music curriculum page to see a video of ‘Proud’ from the night of the concert.

Well done Team Rushall Choir for giving a fantastic performance and signing along brilliantly with the other school children and teachers! Roll on Young Voices 2024!

Young Voices Choir Songs

Hi everyone!

Below are all of the original tracks to the songs that you will be singing at Young Voices. Use your lyric sheets that have been given to you to practise along with these tracks as some of the songs, you will not be singing the entire thing.

Happy singing and learning of words!

Miss Mills



‘Just Around The Riverbend’ (up until 1.01)

‘Go The Distance’ (up until 1.21)

Don’t Worry Mash Up ‘Three Little Birds’ (up until 1.31)

Don’t Worry Mash Up ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ (up until 1.24)

Trolls Medley ‘Just Sing’ (from 0.50 to 2.01)

Trolls Medley ‘Get Back Up Again’ (from 0.32 to 1.30)

Trolls Medley ‘True Colours’ (from 0.46 to 1.47)

Trolls Medley ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ (up until 0.59)

Trolls Medley ‘Move Your Feet/D.A.N.C.E./It’s A Sunshine Day’ (up until 0.44 then 1.47 until the end)

‘Proud’ (from 1.01 to 1.32)

‘Sing From Your Heart’

‘Sing From Your Heart’ from Young Voices 2022 concert

Nile Rodgers Disco Party ‘Everybody Dance’ (up until 2.00)

Nile Rodgers Disco Party ‘Le Freak’ (up until 0.56)

Nile Rodgers Disco Party ‘Good Times’ (up until 1.11)

Nile Rodgers Disco Party ‘We Are Family’ (from 1.39 until the end)

Year 3 – Musician Of The Month for November 2022

This month along with the rest of the school, Year 3 have been learning about grime artist Stormzy.

They listened and appraised a range of his songs and watched many of his most famous performances.

The children enjoyed singing along to ‘Blinded By Your Grace’ and they even attempted parts of the rap, which were very difficult! Well done Year 3!